Specific Objective 1: assess cities’ performances in relation to the integration of third-country nationals through the implementation of an Intercultural Review

Each city will produce one Intercultural Review Report a document that will support city officials to define policy areas where integration of migrants is more needed and to lay the base for the codesign of tailored solutions through collaboration with local and national stakeholders.

Specific Objective 2: select and engage public and private local stakeholders to participate in a policy design process

Each city will organize three policy-design round tables with local stakeholders engaged in the co-design of City Integration Strategies

Specific Objective 3: co-design comprehensive strategies to foster integration of third-country nationals in the priority areas identified in each city

Each city will define one City Integration Strategy

Specific Objective 4: launch, implement, monitor and assess the City Integration Strategies

Each city will implement the City Integration Strategies for at least 10 months, testing the EPI actions and allowing national and international experts to evaluate it.

Specific Objective 5: raise awareness on the importance of integration and key project messages

Design and create several communication and multimedia products, instrumental for disseminating the project’s activities and results

Specific Objective 6: enhance the visibility of the project and build partnerships to upscale project methods and outputs at European level

Define and implement 1 replication and sustainability plan, including 4 replication workshops in cities not covered by EPI, and deliver one National Conference for each city and EU Conference in Milan